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Frankston kitchen renovations Services

Pro Kitchen Renovations Melbourne provides professional joinery services for properties of all types and budgets. With an extensive range of designs and materials to choose from, our expert team provide the best cabinetry and kitchen looks to complement existing items in a home. We understand that the kitchen is a place where families come together and create memories. Your dream kitchen deserves nothing but experienced professionals who will give you their best in order to turn your vision into reality. Pro-Kotechnic makes it easy for homeowners like yourself with years of expertise fabricating bathrooms and kitchens, so rest assured we’ve got this!

Your new kitchen will be designed by an expert team of designers, all located in Melbourne. Built using only the highest quality materials and techniques with one-of-a kind custom designs to meet your individual needs for cooking space or storage solutions! With our family owned business you can trust us throughout every aspect from start to finish so that what was once just a dream is now reality. We cater specifically towards clients who are looking for reliability when it comes time renovating their bathrooms into something more than meets expectations – When shopping around there aren’t many companies better than Pro Kitchen Renovations Melbourne.

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wood kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets Frankston

Your kitchen renovations will be a project that you can’t wait to get started. With our help, we’ll make all the changes necessary for a fantastic transformation in your home’s cooking space and ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish with great design plans tailored specifically around what works best for you!

A classy and elegant design for your kitchen cabinets project will be choosing a suitable cabinet type to fit your style. Below is the list of the types of cabinets you should try to consider:

  • Casual kitchen cabinets
  • Contemporary kitchen cabinets
  • Cottage style kitchen cabinets
  • Craftsmen kitchen cabinets
  • European kitchen cabinets
  • Formal kitchen cabinets
  • French kitchen cabinets
  • Modern kitchen cabinets
  • Rustic kitchen cabinets
  • Traditional kitchen cabinets

kitchen benches Frankston

One of the best ways to remodel your kitchen is by choosing a new benchtop and splashback! You’ll find there are many designs available, as well. Each piece is a unique design for you based on what you desire in that specific space for your ideal kitchen bench or island.

The materials that we use for our kitchen splashbacks are made from brands such as Polytec and Laminex. We can also get stones with different thicknesses like Caesarstone, which the manufacturer may engineer to fit specific size requirements needed in a countertop or flooring project. Other companies that provide similar products include Cosentino Stone, who have developed their natural stone surfaces.

When you’re ready for your countertop, we’ll provide all the materials and templates used during installation. You can also ask about adding natural stones, mirrors, glass, and timber. 

kitchen benches
white bathroom

bathroom cabinets Frankston

Custom-made bathroom cabinets help you create the perfect bathroom and ensuite. We work with your available space to use it wisely, matching not only what’s in style but also how big each room is so that they suit both tastes as well as dimensions! Let us stylize everything from colours through finishes if desired for a fantastic look that will make anyone proud of their new home away from home.

Finish options

Beautifully crafted bathroom vanity and storage cabinets increase the functionality and value of your home. Below is the range of options of colours that will complement your tiles and paint.

  • Laminate
  • 2pac
  • Acrylic
  • Solid Timber
  • Laundries

laundry cabinets Frankston

In the event you need new laundry cabinets, Pro Kitchen Renovations Melbourne is an excellent choice. They offer stunning modern designs that will make your house look unique and perfect, with customized cabinets for storage of all sorts. Each person has their set of habits when doing laundry, which we’ll consider during design phases so everyone can enjoy spending time inside while cleaning clothes at home instead of going out every day because these lovable spaces suit them perfectly.

The reason why Pro Kitchen Renovations Melbourne is the Best Laundry Cabinet Makers in Melbourne

In years of our experience, we know that it will take a less an hour in a day for you to separate your clothes from dark, light, less dirty, and special clothes. Therefore, it will take up to weekly four loads of washes for an average Australian family. Now, to make it more convenient and motivational for you to do your laundry, our team of professionals will guarantee you to transform your laundry room with more space and latest cabinet designs. 

Why trust Pro Kitchen Renovations Melbourne to provide your laundry cabinet designs?

With our two decades in the service of cabinetry making, we have earned our reputation as the most reliable cabinet designer here in Melbourne. Our team will guarantee you that you will have enough spaces that you can use as storage cabinets and we can provide you a wide variety of selections of our made-to-order dryer spaces and laundry cabinets. 

laundry cabinets

joinery Frankston

We believe we are the best joinery services in Melbourne. We have built up our reputation over many years, transforming numerous homes with professional results that will meet your needs no matter what they might be!

We work closely in Melbourne’s inner suburbs or out on a job site – wherever you need us most – we’re always there for all of its challenges from start to finish- design through installation.

We have a wealth of experience gained from many years in the business, undertaking projects ranging from one-off custom kitchens to complete joinery fit-outs. We’ve worked on commercial buildings, including reception counters and dental surgery installations alike!

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