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A professional, experienced team can offer excellent advice and help you choose the best design for your bathroom. We create breath-taking bathrooms that are well designed so morning rush hours will be less stressful and a good place to relax after work every day! You may also save thousands on renovation costs if you know which mistakes not to make during this process, as we have all experienced in our field of expertise. We specialize in creating custom-made baths suited perfectly just for each person’s needs, no matter what type or size they want it to be.

A bathroom is an integral part of the house that needs to be thoughtfully designed and put together. Creating your dream space starts with understanding where you’re going to use it for what purpose – in this case: bathing! There are many areas outside the home worth considering when designing a functional space inside; how much natural light does it get? And do I want something traditional or modern looking, so people don’t feel too overwhelmed by all their options at once as soon as they walk into our new home’s master suite?

Below is the checklist of the many issues you need to know to ensure that your bathroom is both enjoyable and functional.

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things to consider with a new bathroom

Keep in mind that if you don’t have enough space for storage, it will look messy and crowded. You should know that your bathroom should be spacious to put some storage where you can put all your bathroom essential like shampoo, body soap, body scrubs and so many more personal things.

  • To keep your medicines and facial essentials, Vanity drawers are much preferred to use instead of doors.
  • It is much better a cabinet under your sink so you can keep all the cleaning essentials properly.
  • Having open shelves with wicker is not just for decorations, you can also put your towels in there to keep it properly
  • Floor storage is also a usable to have in bathroom.
  • If you have a small bathroom in mind, better to use an open cabinet with the plumbing can be seen and wall mounted sink.
  • Neutral colours are always the best solution to make your bathroom bigger.
  • Another solution to make your bathroom look wider is to have a mirror wall.
  • Curb-less shower can also widen the space in your bathroom and it can give you a clean feeling.
  • Make sure to place well your toilet where it shouldn’t be the first thing to see.
  • Electric towel rails with style can be used as a hanger for soggy towels
  • Install a heating on your floor before installing you tiles to avoid cold floor.
  • Smaller master is much better with separate ensuite.
  •  If you have a small space for the bathroom, choose to separate your toilet room from your sink and shower to make it more usable.
  • Hide your toilet as much as possible to keep it out as the direct sight
  • If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, make sure to install a ventilation.
  • Ventilation is perfect to have if you take showers for too long to avoid any mildew problems.
  • Place the ventilation outside the building instead of directing it to your attic or it will cause more heat.
  • Make sure to get a separate switch for the vent and light and label it.
  • Moisture-resistant materials are a must have in your bathroom to avoid any discolouration to your cabinets.
  • Make sure to have a sealed porous stone like travertine and marble or hardwood.
  • First thing to consider is getting a non-slip tiles and mats.
  • Another thing you can have to avoid a slippery tile is an invisible non-slip coat.
  • Make sure to have a good lighting place in your mirror to be more convenient for you when you are shaving or waxing.
  • Use a pot lighting in the ceiling to have an ambient vibe.
  • If you want your bathroom features to stand out, use an accent lighting.
  • Skylight is the answer if you want to keep your privacy even if you’re capturing natural light.

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